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  • April
    Getting filler was both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for me. However, Karlie instantly put me at ease and provided me with all the necessary information to address my concerns. Her strong nursing/medical background gave me an extra layer of confidence in her abilities. I am beyond thrilled with the results and wouldn't entrust my face to anyone else. Karlie's expertise and genuine support throughout the process were truly remarkable. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking exceptional care and outstanding outcomes.
  • Chelsea
    I do not have enough good things to say about Karlie and Dr. Conway.  I had lip filler placed several months ago and I am still beyond pleased with the results.  In the past, fillers have left me bruised and swollen for days.  When placed by Karlie, I felt no discomfort and had absolutely no swelling or bruising.  The results were immediate and natural.  My lips are slightly non-symmetrical and Karlie took the time and used precise placement to even them out and even months later, my lips still look perfect.  I found Karlie and Dr. Conway to be professional, knowledgeable and kind.  Their space is immaculate, they took the time to listen and address my concerns and they explained everything perfectly.  I highly recommend visiting this practice.
  • Tali
    Due to Bell’s Palsy I experienced permanent muscle volume loss and soft tissue redistribution on the affected side of my face.  My goal was to achieve more balance a symmetrical appearance. Karlie was able to help me in an easy in-office treatment of Dermal Fillers and Botox injections. Karlie demonstrated Knowledge , artistry and precision. She was able to customize a perfect treatment plan just for me. She helped me achieve my goal of more balanced and symmetrical appearance. Thank you Karlie!
  • Amber
    Karlie is the consummate professional.  This was my first time getting any sort of toxin or fillers.  She took the time to explain the options to me, show where she thought the product would be best suited for what I had communicated I was looking for.  She had a map of my face, showed me where she was planning on placing everything and took a very conservative approach. In addition to offering the two treatments for immediate results she also advised me of other long term regenerative options such as platelet-rich plasma which helps your own body create what it needs using your own plasma to achieve better longer lasting results or doing a thread lift to regenerate my own collagen. I appreciate her patience, professionalism and expertise in guiding me through what would be most effective for not only the short-term results but the long term that I’m looking for. Not only does Karlie offer understanding and guidance, but takes a holistic approach that is not driven to only “push” toxin or filler.  I cannot recommend her enough and there is no one else that I would trust with my face!

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